Community comes together to find cat killer


Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — People in a neighborhood near Alta and Rancho are scared to wake up and find their pet cats convulsing and suffering a slow and painful death.

Several weeks ago neighbors noticed some of their cats acting ill and dying. When those animals were taken to a vet it was discovered they were given anti-freeze. As the number of feline deaths rose so did suspicion that foul play was involved.

Saturday. dozens gathered with signs to protest the killings, and hopefully move someone to come forward with information that will lead to an arrest of the cat killer.

“People who harm animals, also harm people, and there is such a strong connection now between that and domestic violence. There could be abuse happening in their family, but somehow they have to get help,” says Stacia Newman with the Nevada Political Action for Animals.

Animal control is investigating. They want any tips that lead to an arrest. There is a reward fund put together for any information leading to an arrest.