This pet stay rolls out the red carpet to dogs and birds. Cats are not so lucky, because a German shepherd is not comfortable having them around

Prasanna Gopinath and Nimriti Prasanna cannot bear to have their Benzi called a dog. They consider this German shepherd their eldest daughter. And when they started a boarding place for animals, the couple named it after her: Benzi Pet Stay.

“Benzi has taught us everything about parenting. Both my husband and I loved pets, but neither had one while growing up. So, once we were married, we decided to go for one,” says Nimriti.

Whenever the couple travelled – which was quite often – they felt the need for a pet stay. “The only option before us was to leave Benzy with a veterinarian. That is when the idea of starting a care centre for pets. We set up Benzi Pet Stay in October 2012. Because of the demanding nature of this project, Prasanna left his 9 to 5 job to work full-time at the Stay. Along with my in-laws, I help him out. At any give time, there will be 4 to 5 pet dogs staying with them at their residence in Thuraipakkam “We have an independent house with a garden and it’s spacious enough for all the pets to roam freely. They have access to almost the entire house,” says Nimriti.

“There is a small procedure that we follow before taking a pet in. Firstly, the pet has to have received all the mandatory vaccines. When they come in, we also ensure that they are tick-free. As dogs tend to get ticks during their walks outside their houses, we give them regular baths.” Benzi Pet Stay also takes in rescued animals. “We had been rescuing animals much before we started the pet stay and we continue to do so. We isolate the rescued pets for 10 days in a spacious area after which they are allowed to mingle with others. Thankfully, we have managed to rehabilitate all our rescued animals,” says Nimriti. Benzi and Cheeky, a Dalmation that the couple own, make these guest animals feel at home. Benzi Pet Stay, however, is off-limits for cats, because Benzi is not comfortable with them. The stay welcomes only dogs and birds.

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