Want to have some family fun? Adopt several felines from the same litter. According to animal behaviorists, siblings won’t need time to get acquainted with each other, and litter mates seldom have serious squabbles – a definite perk.

As for the ideal number of cats, well, let your space, budget and time requirements be the guide. Two, three or even four kittens that are closely bonded can prove to be a constant delight as they frolic and then curl up together on the couch. Another thing about the group adoption plan: With more cats, one will always be available for lap sitting.

Among the litter mates waiting to join your family:

Tonya and Tallia: These tiny tabby cats are just 3 months old, discovering the world around them and curiously investigating every corner and catnip mouse. Nobody is quite sure of their background or how they landed at the shelter. So many kittens have recently arrived at the door. But everyone agrees that the little sisters are two of the cutest kits you’d ever want to meet, and they promise to grow into beautiful adults.

Of course, a bit of patience will be required as the litter mates learn grown-up manners. But these little ones are smart as can be, and all it will take is love (and maybe a few treats) to train them.

A duet of purrs will be your reward.

Where to find the kittens: Visit the San Antonio Humane Society, 4804 Fredericksburg Road. Call 210-226-7461. The adoption fee for kits younger than 4 months is $50. Kittens 4 months or older are $30.

The shelter also has canine litter mates. Check them out – and let the family fun begin.