Eshita Prasanna gives pet owners reason to take pride in a professional portfolio of their animal friends.

Us posers are getting some tough competition from our pets. Eshita Prasanna will second that. She’s the one getting them to pose, after all.

Combining her love for photography and pets, Eshita, 25, is a professional “pet photographer”, who started out like most amateur photographers — out of pure passion. She saw the opportunity to convert it into a profession by merely shooting our usually camera-shy pets.

Armed with a post-graduation from the Light & Life Academy, and having undergone training in animal behaviour and psychology, Eshita has a way with them, bringing out the best shots. “I specialise in capturing the various emotions of pets and the sacred bond they share with their family.

Capturing these candid moments and bringing out their true identities to form timeless images that deserve to be framed eternally is what I do best,” she says.

Here she talks to NXg about Tailshots, her photography brand, and why it is a good idea!

How difficult is it shooting animals and birds? What is the best part of shooting them?

Dogs are always enthusiastic to meet new people and cats are natural posers. It is very important to get comfortable around them. So I get to know them and become friends with them first. Then it is fun and exciting to shoot them as I will be able to capture their natural self. Photographing birds is difficult as they do not emote the way dogs and cats do. It is just about capturing the right moments and they are indeed very graceful.

How viable is taking up photography for pets? Are there many takers?

I don’t want to be a ‘run of the mill’ photographer. I would like to make a difference and so I’m creating a market for this niche segment right now.  The response has been great so far, and I’m sure it’ll become positively viable in the near future

What are some of the tricks that you use while shooting animals?

I use no tricks. I have been taking training in animal behaviour and psychology. So it helps me get comfortable with pets. This chemistry with the pets is what works to get great shots!

What response have you received for your endeavour?

People are happy and surprised to know that something like pet photography exists. I have been active in most pet events, including dog adoption camps. Since then people have been approaching me to do portfolios for their pets.

What plans do you have for Tailshots?

Tailshots started off in Chennai and has now expanded its services to Bangalore as well.

The advantage of Tailshots is that the focus is on the pet and hence services can be availed anywhere in India and within the next few years, any country on the planet. 

Eshita can be reached at +91- 9940070163

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