It’s all over for Rover as pets get human names… and the nation’s favourite for both dogs and cats is Charlie

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19:02 EST, 8 May 2012


19:02 EST, 8 May 2012

Last year it saw all too many abandoned pets come through its doors, including a Yorkshire terrier called Megatron and a cat named Batman.

But according to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the trend for animal names increasingly mirrors babies’ names.

The charity said Charlie is the most popular name for male cats and dogs, with Jack, Max and Alfie in the top ten. Bella, Molly, Lily and Daisy were in the top ten for female cats and dogs.

Walkies: Pet owners naming their animals after children

Walkies: Pet owners naming their animals after children

Louise Taylor, who checks in all new arrivals, said: ‘Many of us see our pets as another child, so are clearly making similar choices.’

Macho names Tyson, Rocky and Diesel all figure in the dogs’ top ten list.

But the charity also took in a number of animals with unusual names, including several Guccis, one Megatron, a Hero Pig and a cat called Mr Bean.

Taylor added: ‘Pets are an integral
part of modern families and many people attribute human feelings to
their dogs and cats, so it makes sense that we’d give them human names

‘There is a definite trend among
parents to choose slightly more old fashioned names for their babies,
and many of us see our pets as another child, so are clearly making
similar choices when it comes to names.’


Most popular dogs’ names: (Male) 1. Charlie 2. Buster 3. Jack 4. Max 5. Tyson.

(Female) 1. Bella 2. Roxy 3. Daisy 4. Poppy 5. Molly.


Most popular cats’ names: (Male) 1. Charlie 2. Oscar 3. Tiger 4. Tom 5. Felix

(Female) 1. Coco 2. Bella 3. Milly 4. Lily 5. Molly.

She said that among the thousands of dogs there were several called Gucci, as well as an Armadillo, Hero Pig, Nancy Drew and a tiny Yorkshire Terrier called Megatron.

Hidden among the regular cat names were felines called Batman, Miss Piggy and Big Dave, as well as a Mr Bean.

She said: ‘People often see their pet as an extension of their own personality, so choosing an unusual name can be a way of making sure your dog or cat stands out.

‘Unusual names can still suit an animal, so Big Dave was a large, confident cat who was a real character, while one of the dogs called Gucci was a Chihuahua who loved being the centre of attention.

‘Picking an animal’s name is a big responsibility as it will probably have it for the rest of its life, just like a baby.

‘A good name can help a dog or cat stand out in the kennels or cattery, so we’re hoping the public can help suggest some really great new names for our animals.’

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