Metro Animal Services is investigating feral cats living off Bardstown Road near Watterson Trail.

Both the agency and WLKY received a complaint about the wild animals.  

An email WLKY received said a huge colony of more than 50 feral cats is living on property in the 4800 block of Bardstown Road.

At the scene, WLKY’s Steve Burgin spotted feral cats around a building, including a couple peering out of one window.

“There are about 15 of them out in the field,” said building caretaker Tom Chrzczon.

Chrzczon lives in a small portion of the building, which used to be an attorney’s office. The rest of the building is closed off.  He has taken in two of the cats but said he cares for the others.

While WLKY was at the property, officers with MAS, who received a phone call complaint Wednesday,  stopped by.

“Feral cats, they do not trust humans. It’s not very likely the animal will become a pet,” said MAS Sgt. Michael McMichael.

McMichael found no violations and seized no animals, but there are concerns with feral cats.

“We identify exactly how many there are. They get spayed or neutered, make sure they are up-to-date on their shots, especially rabies, and to make sure there is somebody going to be there to protect them,” said MAS spokeswoman Margaret Brosko.