The Mega Pet Adoption held by First Coast No More Homeless Pets saved 819 dogs and cats over the weekend.

The goal for the event was to adopt out 1,000 pets, but the organizations involved said the event was still a success.

“819 lives saved, hundreds of families’ lives changed forever,” was posted on the Jacksonville Humane Society’s Facebook page Sunday night.

Dozens of pet rescues and shelters in northeast Florida gathered to find homes for dogs and cats at the Mega Pet Adoption Event over the weekend.

“If the shelters go full, they do have to euthanize for space, and we don’t want that,” said Meredith Tekin, of First Coast No More Homeless Pets. “We’re all working together, First Coast No More Homeless Pets and our coalition partners to try to make our community no kill.”

According to the Jacksonville Humane Society, the animals that were not adopted will head back to the shelters.

“Because we had so many of the JHS animals adopted, that has opened room for us to take animals in from Animal Care and Protective Services too,” was posted in a statement by the Jacksonville Humane Society.

“[Pets] really do enrich your life. It can be better for your lifestyle,” Tekin said. “You can walk them, play with them. It really is a comfort to have them and their unconditional love.”

That’s something Hillary Carpenter said is the best part. Carpenter adopted a cat at the Mega Pet Adoption Saturday.

“The fact that you’re bringing it home — a cat that might not have had a chance on the streets — you’re bringing it home and you get to love it,” she said. “And he gets to love you. That’s pretty awesome.”