Cat lovers in the city had a field day. Their pets in tow, they turned up on Saturday morning to flaunt their favourite feline at India’s first Cat Show. The event, held at a city hotel, had over 100 entries.

Organised by the recently established Indian Cat Federation (ICF), the show aimed at providing a platform for Indian breeds to be showcased on an international level. Strict about “standards”, medical health of the cats in particular, the event had at its entrance a group of veterinarians screening them for infections, contagious diseases and “grooming levels”. Member of the Pet Practitioner’s Association of Karnataka K.G. Amarnath said, “It’s important to certify cats before they register for the show. Cats that don’t meet standards are rejected.”

If this was not enough to prove that these cat lovers meant business, the event was no less than a formal fashion show. The many categories of awards included ‘best feline’ and ‘best photogenic cat’, though it wasn’t really clear what parameters were used to judge this.

Over a 100 cats were present to flaunt their majesty, including the Norwegian breed, the traditional long-haired breed, the British long-haired breed and the Arabian Mau.

Shameena Fathima, a participant from Arakere, said, “There are many dog shows that happen through the year and I’m happy that there is now a show for cats as well.”

Rohini Swamy, a Koramangala resident, had come with her cat, Laila, the only participating household cat at the show.

Judges at the show were members of the World Cat Association.

Founder and president of the ICF, Shree Nair, who owns 210 cats, said: “Indians are unaware of world bodies that are dedicated to cats. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t regulated based on standards in our country as yet.”

The ICF registers and examines cats, strays or otherwise. ICF vice-president, Phirooza Rustumji said similar shows would be held in New Delhi and Pune.

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