Celebrating the Fourth of July can be a long and stressful weekend for a family pet.

Experts said fireworks can startle a pet because dogs and cats have much better hearing than humans.

“I can’t imagine what’s going through their heads as they hear these big booms and not understand what it’s coming from,” said Pam Wiese, with the Nebraska Humane Society.

— Video: Experts give pet owners advice for July 4 fireworks

According to the Nebraska Humane Society, there are a few things you can do for your pet to help ease some of the stress until the fireworks are over.

“Put them in an interior room, maybe in the basement, some place that’s insulated as much as possible from the sound,” said Wiese.

Wiese said to make sure they can get to their toys and consider filtering the noise with a low television. Natural soothers are also an option, like pheromone plug-ins or collars that mimic what a mother dog emits to sooth her puppy.

“It doesn’t put them to sleep, nor will it work wonders, but it takes the edge off a little bit,” said Wiese.

Also, take your pets out to go to the bathroom before the neighbors start firework and be understanding if they go to the bathroom inside.

“Try to contain them to an area where it’s easily cleanable,” said Wiese.

If you plan to have someone watch your pet this weekend, remind them not to force your pet to go outside — this can add to their stress and they may become more aggressive, experts said.