It might sound strange when winter is still around, but now is the time to beat the heat – at least in the feline world. So, folks at the San Antonio Humane Society are offering a special opportunity to owners of female cats.

Through the end of the month, the kitties can be spayed at the bargain price of $20 each, thus stopping heat and avoiding unwanted litters.

According to the organization, spaying’s the right thing to do. Although litters of kittens are cute, statistics show there’s already a serious pet-overpopulation problem with crowding at shelters and far too many homeless cats on the streets. Allowing your resident cat to breed at random contributes to the problem.

If you don’t have a female cat in residence, consider getting one at the Humane Society. Every SAHS feline is fixed prior to being put up for adoption, so you won’t have to sweat the heat thing now or in the future.

Among the cats available:

Pixie: This sweet little tabby, just 8 months old, is on the shy side around new people. But her confidence is growing since being taken in at the Humane Society’s receiving facility at Animal Care Services. Shelter workers say she loves having her head scratched.

Felicity: One-year-old Felicity has a mellow disposition and promises to be a “purr-fect” pet for anyone who is willing to spend a little time winning her trust. Felicity proudly wears a shiny black-and-white coat. An adorable black spot on her nose is a distinguishing feature.

Faye: Beautiful blue/gray fur sets this kitty apart from the crowd. She’s a curious cat who loves to explore and then curl up for a snooze on a cozy blanket. Faye has an outgoing personality, too. Likely, she will love sharing time – and her playful adventures -with some kind people.

Where to find the female felines: Pixie, Felicity and Faye, who’ve been spayed, are padding around the cattery at the San Antonio Humane Society, 4804 Fredericksburg Road. Call 210-226-7461.

Appointments for spaying female cats already living in your household can be made by phoning the same number.

The “Beat the Heat” opportunity is made possible by funding from PetSmart Charities.