There are insurance ads – and there are insurance ads by the Swedish company Folksam.

Yes, in a bid to get you to use its pet insurance services, Folksam has come up with one of our favourite adverts of the year.

“We are owned by our customers,” explains the YouTube description below the ad, “and this commercial is dedicated to one of our owners, Eva. Her heart beats for the cat.” (Thanks, Google Translate.)

Click play, enjoy – and rest assured that no cats were hurt in the making of the video. Although if they had been, we’re sure that they would have been covered by Folksam’s comprehensive insurance.

And once you’re done – why not enjoy some more of our favourite short-but-sweet cat clips?

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  • The Great Escape

    OK, OK, so it’s 32 seconds. But just imagine the first two, boring seconds don’t happen.

  • Stabiliser Kitten

    He’s transfixed by something… We just don’t know what.

  • Kitten Massage Therapy

    “Left a bit… down a bit…”

  • Cat Is Terrorised By Popcorn

    When food gets scary.

  • Talking Cat

    Nice to know he got his moment of fame on You’ve Been Framed.

  • Cart Pushing Cat

    “What? I have to go to the supermarket.”

  • Cat In A Hat Gets A Surprise

    His co-star is obviously not a fan of Dr. Seuss.

  • Hunchcat Of Notre Dame

    He’s auditioning for a Thriller remake.

  • OMG Cat

    Like a furry little emoticon.

  • Angry Cobra Cat

    Do NOT mess with him.

  • Surprised Cat


  • Betrayed Cat

    Don’t worry, the cat was fine. Betrayed, but fine.

  • Puppy Loves Kitty

    Puppy thinks kitty’s ear is a chew toy. Kitty thinks puppy’s mouth is a massager. Everybody wins.

  • Cat Plays Dead

    Or the old “Roll Over A Gunpoint” trick.

  • Bowling Cat

    It’s a trap!

  • Shocked Cat

    She’s a distant cousin of the dramatic chipmunk.

  • Sleepy Kitten

    Life is hard, you guys.

  • Spider Cat

    What on Earth is that wall made out of?

  • Cat Punches Baby

    Her flabbergasted expression at the end steals the show (don’t worry, she’s fine!).

  • Kittens vs. Vacuum

    It’s all fun and games until someone turns on the vacuum.

  • Bowling Cat Part Two

    It’s all about the towel.

  • Treadmill Cat

    She just found out how many calories are in one Fancy Feast.

  • Farting Cat

    We know, we know. This is either terrible and/or fake. But still. We laughed.

  • Turtle Riding Cat

    It’s not faster, but it’s a class thing.

  • Hugging Cat

    Is there anything cats can’t do?

  • Kitten Falls In Hole

    It will probably take you longer to read this than it will to watch the video.

  • Startled Cat

    You think it’s going to be the car that startles him, but then…

  • Kitten Attacks Dog

    “Let’s see you try to steal my slippers NOW!”

  • Baby Attack Cat

    Better for her to learn at an early age that cats just don’t give a f**k.

  • Kitten Mittens

    Obviously we had to include this.