Any pet owner knows your dog or cat is very much a part of the family and you want to make sure they’re healthy and safe.

The American Red Cross just released a new app that puts useful information right in the palm of your hand. The pet first aid app offers a number of features.

“It’s a quick and easy way for people to access healthcare and first aid information about dogs and cats,” said Peter Brown, regional CEO for Northeast Pennsylvania for the American Red Cross. “It provides the opportunity for people to go through some basic training and learn some basic things to look for and it also has a searchable menu for very specific situations.”

Brown is a dog owner himself and said he was learning from the app.

“It shows you things about what a healthy dog or cat looks like, what their respiration rate would be, what their skin and their mouth and everything should look like,” he said.

At Chaar, a store in Allentown that offers pet supplies and services, Zach ElChaar said he came across the app and downloaded it.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said. ElChaar is also a dog owner.

“They have little quizzes on it which is pretty neat, I did a couple of those, put my pet’s info on it,” he said. “Pet-friendly hotels was a part of it, that’s really neat.”

“Twice now I’ve had an incident where he ate something and I didn’t know what he ate and he was kind of sick for a couple days,” ElChaar explained about his Boston Terrier. “It would have been nice to kind of have something like that to look at the symptoms ’cause it shows you all that and if it did block his airway, he needed CPR, it’s all on there.”

Dog owner Stephen Penske said he will consider the app.

“It’s definitely interesting. I’ll definitely be reading the reviews on it later on this week,” he said. “I might download it, I might not.”

He said the features of the app that especially appeal to him are the ones you can use while traveling, such as locating emergency care for your pet. He said something like that could be helpful when he travels with his Rottweiler.

“Two years ago I was in South Carolina with her and she got into a red ant nest and her entire face swelled up crazy so I had to find a vet in a place I really didn’t know well.”

The app is 99 cents and available for iPhones and Androids. Search “American Red Cross.”