Mink is a remarkable seeing-eye cat, and the “purr-son” he helps is Kahuna, a blind kitty. The bond that has developed between the two is beautiful, according to the kind-hearted woman who rescued them – she loves watching the pair play and curl up together. But the time has come to find the feline friends a permanent home.

The rescuer, who has many foster felines, says Mink and Kahuna deserve more time and attention than she can provide. Furthermore, her other fosters are in an uproar because the cats, who do almost everything in tandem, are constantly stealing the show. So the search is on for just the right situation where Mink and his blind buddy can rule supreme.

The details:

Kahuna: This sweet gray kitten, thought to be a Russian blue, was discovered creeping along the outskirts of an apartment building. He was quickly scooped up by the rescuer and taken home. Turned out that Kahuna couldn’t see his comfy new digs – he is blind. But he still managed with some guidance. And snuggling up to nice, warm clothes in the foster’s laundry basket became his favorite pastime.

Mink: Not long after Kahuna was rescued, Mink, not more than 5 weeks old at the time, was found huddled under a car hood. The cute black kitten could have been severely injured once the car started, but fortunately such a tragedy was averted.

Mink joined the rescuer’s other foster felines, soon realized that Kahuna needed some seeing-eye assistance and happily assumed the job.

Since Kahuna depends on Mink, they must go as a package deal.

How to adopt these cats: Email lmcintexas@aol.com or call the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, 210-605-3878.

Rose Mary Budge