The Kansas City Pet Project said it is taking in the largest number of animals it’s had in years after a growing number of people have surrendered their pets.

The shelter said that shelters across the Kansas City metropolitan area are unusually full of dogs and cats needing homes right now.

One of them, a boxer mix named Luna, was given up by her owner because of issues with her owner’s landlord.

The KC Pet Project’s Tori Fugate said pet surrenders are up about 40 percent. Money issues are a common reason. The shelter said it does everything it can to try to help the pet stay in the home.

“If it’s a matter of food, we offer them food,” Fugate said. “If it’s vet care, we give them resources so they can get the pet the care they need to keep them out of the shelter, because absolutely, this should be the very last resort.”

She said owners should try to find a new home for the animal with a family member or people they know on social media.

The KC Pet Project is set to take in 10,000 pets this year. That’s the most the no-kill shelter has had since 2007. It has saved 2,400 pets lives just this summer alone.

The shelter is running a Tackle Pet Homelessness special through the weekend in honor of Sunday’s Chiefs game against the Seattle Seahawks. Dogs weighing 40 pounds or more, which is most of the dogs in the shelter, can be adopted for $40. Adult cats can be adopted for $25. Kittens are $50, but people who want to take home two kittens can get the second one free.

In addition to forever homes for its animals, the shelter is also looking for people to serve as foster families or those who can make financial donations.