Scores of pet lovers, pet owners along with their pets flocked to the Jayamahal Palace Hotel for The Bangalore Pet Show – 2014. Various pets ranging from dogs, cats, fishes, a variety of birds and even a calf were brought to the venue for display on Saturday.

There was an array of “pet friendly” stalls, making the most out of the opportunity and trying to woo customers . Pet owners were spoilt for choice for shampoos, brushes, designer clothes, pet food and accessories. Besides, the stall owners even offered services “exclusively” for pets which included a cab service for pets, a pet friendly resort and even a pet cemetery!

Santosh Shekhar, CEO, Pet Cabs, said the exclusive cab service for pets which was launched on Friday was designed to make the pet transport “hassle free”, adding that remarking that several people had expensive cars whose upholstery may tear. To avoid that, people could also opt for the service to take their pets to grooming centres, he said.

Another service being offered by People for Animals is the pet cemetery service. Here, a normal burial would cost Rs. 3,500, while a special burial where pet owners can customise the grave by putting a photograph of their pet and few lines would cost Rs. 18,000

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